Diggin In The Dirt & Loving It!

Well now don’t I feel like a proper jackass. I bragged last week about resurrecting my little compost bin and then forgot to include the photo when I uploaded. Sheesh. I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached to the rest of my body. So I did include the original picture in this weeks lineup.

It feels good to look out the window and see the compost bin up at the head of the lawn. It’s snuggled in between Annie and the Tiger Lillies. That part of the yard gets sun all day. It’s where I originally had it. It did well there the last time. I did tell Larry he might have to build an addition to raise the sides as time goes by. We’ve gone back to eating healthier which means there are lots of little tidbits of lettuce, carrot peels, peppers, etc. to add to the mix as we go along. We quickly learned the first season we used it that a compost bin fills much quicker than you plan on at times. I’ve added a bit of leaves and earth to the mix since the shot was snapped.

The Christening Of The Compost Bin

The weather here is warming up but not quite warm enough to work the dirt yet. The frost hasn’t completely left yet so outdoor gardening is still on hold which is really twisting my knickers in a knot. I Want To Play In The Dirt!!!!

While patience is a virtue, I realize it’s just not one of mine.

I noticed yesterday that Annie’s Tulips have poked through the earth and the little patch of Chives that grow among the Tiger Lillies have poked through and are doing great. I don’t like Chives personally but they do add a nice flavor to my cooking so I keep them growing. I love their blooms and besides, I can’t just toss a nature spirit for no good reason.

As a pagan, I bring my spirituality into every part of my everyday life. I don’t think about what I do. I just go about doing it. This especially includes gardening. When I work outside, I am in constant conversation with the nature spirits surrounding me. I find special joy in the things I grow because I know if I look after them, they will show their appreciation and reward me justly.

This, as well as educating myself appropriately, has brought many rewards, (Spirit can’t do ALL the work). Last season I had the best gardening success ever. Even though I’ve dabbled with gardening for years, I’ve never had the growth and beauty as much as I did last summer. I walked out every day and greeted the plants & shrubs as if they were family. I always said good morning, wished them a good day and said thank you for sharing their beauty with us.

Some may look at my relationship with Nature as bunch of tofu toasting, tree hugging, dirt farting hippie drivel but that’s okay. This kind of gardening is what works for me.  I do earth and seed blessings and celebrate my relationship with Mother Earth. I pray for success and take my commitment to taking care of these gentle spirits seriously. I listen to what the green things are telling me and work accordingly.

Anyway, before I start writing for the wrong blog I will get back on track.

This last week didn’t allow me to play out in the dirt just yet so I decided to turn my gardening twitches inside.

Larry and I came across some left over Shamrock plants at the local grocery store a few days back. They were marked down and tagged to be tossed if not sold. I bought two of them and brought them home, but all evening I thought about the ones left back in the store. There were only six little plants but the thoughts of them not being taken home and loved bothered me. I so regretted not scooping all them up and bringing them with us as well. How could I choose two “siblings” and leave the rest of the family behind??? I felt like such a fraud.

Unbeknown to me, when Larry went to town the next day, he made a special trip back to the grocery store and rescued the rest of the little Shamrocks. I cried when he brought them in to me. (I have the best husband by the way). I placed them with the other two on a ledge in the living room until I figured out what to do with them. I already have a Shamrock plant given to me a few years ago by a good friend. Now I had eight little cousins to join her in my Altar Room.

Yesterday I got busy and re-potted them in a little washtub type planter that I had bought a few years ago. I hadn’t used it for a while but Larry dug it out and repainted it for me and brought it in. I smudged my little room, dirt, tools and myself and asked for blessings upon my work and these precious little plants that we were so lucky to come across.

Before I got started and got them in the planter, I had a spur of the moment thought to grab the camera and take a few shots. I added Allysums along the inside edge of the planter to finish it off. When finished I set them on the little table under the window. The sun shines through there until late in the day so I think they will be happy there for now.

My spirit is peaceful now that I have these little darlings in the dirt and soaking up the sun. I couldn’t be happier to bring some of my outdoor madness inside for a bit. 😉

I love gardening!

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